The color of plant pots can be a big factor in the message that you are trying to deliver. Plants are used to pepper our homes, our offices, and gardens with beautiful and immensely important pockets of life.

Most popular color

There are a few things you need to be aware of before you choose pick your planter color. A lighter planter would often do better in hotter climates than darker planters. here is a list of the most popular planter colors:

1. Black

Black is a focal point color. Black plant pots absorb more heat that lighter colors, meaning plants that need more heat to grow, or plants growing during the winter – can all benefit from black plant pots to keep their roots warm. However, black pots are not so good on hot sunny days when they can dry out soil and bake roots.

2. White

White is clean, crisp, and versatile. White accents are perfect in rooms where wall color and other decors already bring bright bold colors into the mix. For maximum growth, choose white or fiber pots. If you prefer terracotta or other colors, your plants will still grow well. The choice of lighter colors is most important for any heat sensitive plants, especially if put outdoors in hot weather or in full sun.

3. Grey

Gray tends to be seen as an ‘industrial’ color – something that’s perfect for anyone looking to decorate in the ever-popular industrial theme. Gray is a color that is used, normally, for cloaking. In rooms that are busy or in rooms that have too much going on, gray planters will detract from the busyness and make it feel calmer than it would without it.

4. Green

While green is not neutral in terms of color, it is neutral when it comes to planter color. With plants matching the planter, green makes the décor feel more cohesive and flowing – the plant color flows into the planter, and vice versa.

5. Brown

While brown is sometimes considered neutral, it’s neutral in an entirely different way. Brown is a wonderfully warm color, and it brings a sense of home into any room.