Shade Net:

A shad net is a cloth usually made from plastic material used by plant cultivators to precisely control the incidental sunlight falling upon the plants and provide an effective seasonal protection for flowers and plants and ensure homogeneous light diffusion.

The amount of sunlight falling upon plants sometime is many a time more than required for their optimal growth. These excess light is detrimental to their natural development. Excessive exposure to the UV rays constitutes one of the greatest risk factors to plants and failure to take the right precautions can result in damaged plants and severe losses. The varying climatic conditions throughout the year, together with the slow but constant rising temperatures in the summer months prove the need for shade nets to maximise growth. Shading nets are essential in the cultivation of flowers and ornamental plants when grown in glasshouses that diffuse the light in a regular manner.
Shading net are flexible and easy to install on structures, they are available in shade factors ranging from 30 to 90% for providing appropriate shade to a variety of plants.
There are specific type of shading net for every type of plant, whether used as a shade protection on greenhouses or out in gardens, terraces or in semi-permanent structures where they are easily installed and removed.

Benefits of shade nets:-

A shade net is basically a net which regulates the entry of sunlight, moisture or air through gaps of the woven material. A shade net house structure is made up of frame and cladding material. These materials are designed to protect the agro products from heat, rain, and fast wind. These shade nets last for less than 6 years. Neha shade nets provides the best shade nets which are long-lasting, waterproof and Let us now look at the benefits of shade nets:

• Protection against pests and diseases. The pests destroy the plants making it unsuitable for human use. Many diseases like blight, citrus canker, leaf spot, and rice blast are prevented with the installation of these nets.
• Many medicinal plants, flowering plants, vegetables, spices, and even fruits can be cultivated inside the shade nets.
• Light, humidity, temperature and CO2 levels can be controlled with the help of these nets.
• Prevents excessive drying of the agricultural products.
• Shade nets provide cooling via transpiration. It also controls humidity and makes the ambiance suitable inside the nets for plant growth and development. It is one of the most important benefits of shade nets.

Protects from Dust, Debris, Extreme Strong Sunlight, etc
Ideal for Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture, Construction Sites, Making Pandals, etc
Untearable and Long Lasting
Shade Net makes your household comfortable and cool by blocking UV sunlight and dust protection. Shade Net finds extensive usage in Gardening, Agriculture, and other general purpose shadings. Shade Nets are also regularly used in our day-to-day life for keeping the outdoor areas cool, making pandals in parties and functions, protecting plants in peak summers, and many more purposes.