Seedling trays or seed trays are made up of foldable plastic material. There are cells (holes) throughout the trays. These cells should be filled with sowing medium like soil, cocopeat or sand. Depending on the type of plants, 2-3 seeds are sown in each cell. Trays are watered regularly as the seeds germinate. Young seedlings can be kept in these trays safely for 3-4 weeks under semi-shade till they are ready to be transplanted on the field or in bigger containers.
Used in the nursery, terrace garden, indoor and outdoor garden.
Re Usable And Easy To Handle Best Germination Trays Widely Used In All Nurseries Ans Home Gardens
Grow Your Own seedling starter tray - keep the seedlings moist and reduce water evaporation, keep a check and count of germination, turn seeds to healthy seedlings
Easy to use - use the seed trays for sowing, saving time and effort, the operation is also very convenient widely used in flowers, vegetables, fruits, trees, and other agricultural cultivation

Start your dream garden: thick BPA-free plastic material, stackable, reusable, super durable.

Your dream garden is yours: start your favorite plant seeds, different germination time will not affect the construction of the dream garden.

Protect the Dream Garden: Prevent excessive watering. The improved cell wall design, the drain hole at the bottom of the cell, allows excess water to drain and maintain a highly efficient circulation of plant roots.

Benefits of seedling trays:

  • Seeds can be sown indoors, under safety & watchful eye of a grower.
  • Seeds & seedlings are protected from harsh weather conditions.
  • Plants can be started any time of the year by sowing seeds in seedling trays.
  • Seedling trays are easy to carry around & can be transported from one place to another without harming the plants.
  • By the time seedlings are growing in trays, the grower has the luxury of preparing the primary field or containers where the plants are to be transplanted.
  • Cuttings: Apart from seeds, even soft stem cuttings can be planted in these trays for induction of new roots; a vegetative way of plant propagation. Learn about what is grafting?
  • Seedling trays are reusable. After transplantation of seedlings, a new round of seeds can be sown in same trays & process can be continued.