The Plant Air Purifier has been found to remove formaldehyde, benzene, and other volatile organic compounds as well as dust, allergens, and pet dander. It is the cleanest greenest solution for pure, cleaner air. The COMPACT Plant Air Purifier. Same Green Technology In a smaller model

Good health is directly linked to good breathing and clean air. This clean air plant bundle has been curated especially to eliminate indoor air toxins and increase oxygen saturation in your home. The plants are easy to care for and also add a burst of greenery to your home. The plants are perfect for indoor spaces and low to medium light areas.

NASA study identified Sanse vieria as one of the top air-purifying plants. Also known as Mother in Law's Tongue or the Devil's Tongue plant, Sansevieria Superb is an upright species with impressive foliage. These resilient plants have leathery leaves outlined in yellow with sword-like points, growing long, wide, and wavy.

The snake plant requires low maintenance and can be watered twice a week for best results and growth. Please ensure keep it in a spot where sunlight is received in abundance for the plant to well. With its long snake shaped leaves, the Snake plant will add a tropical feel to your decor and glam up screened patios, atrium and living spaces.

Benefits of Air Purifying Plants
Our health is constantly threatened by the air we breathe, whether indoors or outdoors. Studies show that the air inside the average home is much more polluted than the air outside due to limited air flow. The air indoors is contaminated with pollutants and toxins which we inhale and this accumulated toxic air causes dizziness, nausea, headaches, nose and eye irritation.

Air Purifying Indoor Plants have the following Benefits:
Lowers toxic carbon dioxide levels by processing it into oxygen
Lessens the levels of certain pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide
Reducing airborne dust levels
Keeping air temperatures down
Plants help lower background noise
All plants can act as air cleaners but some are more beneficial than others when it comes to removing toxins in the air