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Vertical Garden panels and are easy to add on sides top and bottom at any time. Can be hanged - up to your creativity, wall mounting, can also be fixed on gates, compound walls, balconies. you need to fix it. vertical wall panels and planters Light weight, durable and easy to clean The perfect gift for gardeners of all levels. size of one panel 45Cms(H) x 15.5Cms(W). The Box will be sent and you have to fix your self (easy to fix). press the side top of the pot and gently put the top pot first in and push the bottom. look the video for setting up BLOOMS Gardening Vertical Wall Panels, M1 model Frame Only For Bio Wall Garden. can also use double hook pots in this panels. This model is M1 so you can buy M1 model pots for hanging in this or use artificial plants to fill.

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  • M1 type frames for wall mounting. frame only for bio wall garden / vertical garden set up
  • This model is M1 so you can buy M1 model pots ( this M1 pots does not have hooks at the back) for fixing in this or use artificial plants to fill.
  • use screws for installing on wooden on hollow iron pies or on walls. use a hep of drilling machines or call a carpenter for better easy work. self tapering screws are available for fixing on wooden and also for iron pies
  • cable ties can also be used for easy assembly and that reduces the screws. also you can fix with thick iron threads (used in construction – joining iron rods ). for panel fixing please see the video in you tube

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