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COCO PEAT Retains moisture, stores and releases nutrients to roots over extended period of time enhancing plant growth Ideal growing media for plants Used for horticultural and agricultural applications.Weight of cocopeat brick will be around 1.7 - 2Kgs Environmental friendly High water retention capacity cut the cover on needed area, water it and after 15 minutes you can put seeds or plant seedling. If needed make drain holes These Grow Bags raw materials are 100% pith and Husk Chips Gardening and professional growing. Commercially proven to increase the quantity and quality of many crops including Rose,Chilli, Tomatoes, Carnation flowers, Cucumbers and Capsicums.

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  • 100% UV Treated Hdpe Plastic Grow Bags
  • Large Number Of Products From Bio Bloom For Your Gardening Purpose
  • Suitable For All Kind Of Plants
  • All Size Of Grow Bags Available From Bio Blooms
  • Grow Bag 100X 20X 17cm Expandable With Coir Pith Slab Inside Each Bag

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